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Hello Everyone,

I am a digital and mixed media artist and teacher. With over 20 years experience in Photoshop, I have now turned to the iPad Pro, exploring the vast possibilites of this new canvas! 

I love old buildings, houses and barns. My husband's family is from rural Virginia, and when we travel there I love driving in the country to take pictures fall the old barns, houses, and sheds along the way. The countryside there is simply beautiful, and those old abandoned places speak to me. We also take drives out in the country on some weekends here in my hometown in Texas. There are quite a few houses, barns and sheds to photograph here as well.

I love warping these old houses and introducing either bright or dark color schemes to them. I like placing them on a background to create a whimsical scene that tells a story. 

Through experimentation, I have found some apps that work very well for this purpose. These apps were designed for a different use altogether, but work fine for me when I create these whimsical houses.

Who is the class for?

This class is for anyone who wants to create their own whimsical scenes, particularly with old houses and barns. Also those who want to learn more about creating art on their iPads!

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"What's life without whimsy?"

- Dr. Sheldon Cooper-The Big Bang Theory


Registration Is Open

Only $67

Classroom Opens August 15th

 (iOS Users Only-No Android Use)

{Lifetime Access-Downloadable Videos}

Class Structure:

This class will focus on 4 projects with a bonus project at the end. Each project will cover several different techniques, as well as tips and tricks with apps along the way. The photo at the right shows all of the projects we will be doing in class. 


***Special Bonus***

As a registered student to this class, I will also be providing you with all of the high resolution backgrounds, photos and elements used in creating all these projects for your personal use! You will love experimenting with these! You will also get pdf files that outline all the steps taken to create the projects.

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What you will learn in this class:

I Will Be Guiding You Through Several Topics and Techniques Such as:

  • Learn how to make your own presets in Stackables.

  • Learn how to recolor your elements in Procreate.

  • Refine the process of app-stacking, and developing your own workflow.

  • Learn how to warp elements and images.

  • Learn how to use unexpected apps in your digital process

  • Introduction to blending apps for interesting effects

  • Learn how to recolor your entire image for a more cohesive look.

  • Learn different ways to apply texture to your images.

  • Learn how to choose which app to use for your design

  • Learn to use obscure texture images for your background.

  • Learn how to create multiple versions of an image, then blending those together for a unique look.

  • Selection and recoloring those selections in Procreate.

  • Adding artistic filters at different points in your workflow.

  • Refining your masking techniques.

  • Painting over parts of an image to change the color.



This class will focus entirely on creating on the iPad. If you do not have one, you can do most of these techniques on your iPhone. 

  • iPad

  • Stylus (Optional)

  • Apps (see below)

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These apps will be demonstrated in the class. If you have other apps that function similarly, please feel free to use those. Many of these apps have in-app purchases. I have included those in the total price below. I have purchased those extra filters, but you do not have to.


  • Procreate

  • Superimpose and/or Leonardo-This class will focus more on Superimpose, which will be discussed.

  • Snapseed

  • Facetune

  • Tadaa (iPhone app)

  • Artista Impresso

  • Background Eraser

  • Color Thief

  • Fused

Total App investment = $27.91 for all with in-app purchases. Some in-app purchases we will be using, but not all.  Watch the videos first, then decide if it is for you.

Registration Is Open!

Only $67

Classroom Opens August 15th

(iOS Users Only-No Android Use)

{Limited Spots Available}