Supplies for this class include an iPad. Although you can do all of these projects with an iPhone, if you have access to a tablet it will make it much easier to edit photos. If you have an iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil makes a wonderful optional tool, and you will love using the pencil to create with. For other iPad models, a Bluetooth stylus is also optional, but there are several models on the market that work well.

With each project I will have a list of apps that we will use for that particular project.  You do not need to purchase all of them at once, and you can follow along with the videos before committing to purchasing an app. Here is a list of all the apps used in this course. I have also included links to these apps so you can easily find it in the app store.


  • iPad
  • Stylus-Optional
  • iPad apps: These apps will be demonstrated in the class. If you have other apps that function similarly, please feel free to use those. Many of these apps have in-app purchases.  I have purchased those extra filters, but you do not have to. Please watch the videos and decide.






Slow Shutter Cam (iPhone App-you will want it on your phone to take pictures)

Background Eraser

ArtPose (Your choice Female or Male Edition)