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Hello Everyone and Welcome to The Resource Library!

This resource library will have all of the resources you find in your classes, along with anything else I think you will need to create you digital iPad art, and your mixed media art. I will be linking to this library in future classes, since all the resources will be in this one location.

This page contains all the digital resources I can think of for your iPad art and other digital art.  I have worked with these mediums for years and hope to provide useful resources in this area. I hope you enjoy browsing. You are welcome to suggest a video you would like by contacting me. 

Digital Resources

Favorite Image Resources

Favorite Texture Sites

Favorite Stock Photo Sites


Technical Videos

How to Create a "Mask From Image"

Here are some instructions on how to create a "mask from image", a technique I frequently use in my iPad art.


Video on Mask from Image: Superimpose

Video on Mask from Image: Superimpose X


How to redeem App Store coupons.  

A fellow artist and student Vicki Robinson discovered this and was kind enough to give me permission to use her research.

App Store coupons are specific to the product they are for. To redeem a coupon open the App Store. Touch the Apps icon at the bottom of the screen (looks like a paper stack); swipe all the way up until you reach the bottom of the screen. Touch Redeem. Enter your Apple ID. The touch "enter your code manually," enter the code and then touch Redeem at the top of the screen

Favorite Digital Blogs & Tutorials

Printing Information

I use outside sources to print my images, and there are many out there that do a fantastic job. Be sure to check their image requirements before uploading, so you can ensure a great product. Most have contact info if you have questions about your images. 

One other thing to think about: What you see on your screen, which is essentially backlit by all those LEDs that make up your monitor, is not necessarily what will print. Getting the color and contrast right may take exploration of different companies in order to find which printer you prefer. You may also find you have to tweak your image prior to printing. 

Favorite Outside Printing Sources



Costco Photo Center

  • Love their matte paper.
  • Prints in square format if desired.
  • Fast with great prices.
  • Can order online and have it mailed or pick up.
  • Prints in square format if desired.
  • Must be a member.


  • Wide range of services.
  • Favorite papers:
    • - Giclee prints on Somerset Art Paper.
    • - Metallic Photo Paper.
  • Prints in square format if desired.

CG Pro Prints


  • Good quality and sturdy canvas.
  • Colors are vibrant and true.
  • Fast service.
  • Free shipping to USA-Does not ship internationally.

Home Printer

I use a Canon Pixma Pro-100 wide format printer. It will print up to 13” x 19”. It has 8 archival dye-based ink cartridges, 2 cyan, 2 magenta, 1 yellow, 2 gray, 1 black. It is very large and takes up a lot of space. Prints are amazing! I love this printer.

 Papers I use to print from home:

I use papers from Red River Paper: They have a wide variety of papers and cards for many different printers. They also have color profiles for their papers that can be downloaded so that you can achieve the best printing results. There are lots of tutorials and instructions available on their website.

 My favorites are:

  • Polar Matte:  smooth matte finish. 60lb paper-10mil thick.
  • Polar Pearl Metallic: Unbelievably beautiful prints. Has a metallic shimmer to the print. 66lb paper-10.4 mil thick.
  • Ultra Pro Satin: Beautiful luster type prints. 68lb paper-10.4 mil thick.
  • Aurora White: Beautiful fine art paper. 64lb paper-13.4 mil thick. This paper is thicker, so check to make sure it will fit in your printer. This paper will fit in the Canon printer that I have.

***Some of the apps used in a few of the classes no longer work on iOS 11. Here is a list of substitutes for certain apps:

Anticrop substitute: Handy Photo

Blur RX substitute: Snapseed, LightBrush, iColorama