Project 1: "Perimeters"

2016-12-10 10.36.40.jpg

In this first project, we will create the abstract figure in Procreate using a stock image to trace from. We will shade the figure in varying degrees of opacity with black and white and add line work to create interesting patterns that will show through in our image.  

Apps Used

Procreate, Leonardo, Stackables, Snapseed

Procreate, Leonardo, Stackables, Snapseed

For the second part of this project we will explore layering in Leonardo. We will be using handmade art papers that have been photographed and uploaded to the iPad. I strongly encourage you to make your own papers and digital elements! Photograph everything that interests you for use in your digital art. This will make your work unique, and it is so much fun creating something that is truly one of a kind! 

Also in this project we will be using an obscure blending mode. This blending mode appears disastrous at first, but by pushing forward and continuing to work with the image, you will begin to appreciate the exciting blends you can achieve. 

For the final touch we will adjust and add texture in Stackables. I have created a custom filter for this project which will be provided for your use.