New Facebook Group For Learning New Apps

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to invite all of you to join my new Facebook Group IAG-iOS App Group! I started this new group with Kerry Mitchell, owner of BPA Arts, on Instagram. Together we wanted a group centered around apps-what they do, how they work. All different types of apps. 

Once a month we focus on a new app. We provide a video tutorial on that app, as well as initiate a challenge using that particular app and photos provided by us as well. You must use the “App of the Month” and at least one of the challenge photos provided. The challenge ends on the 20thof the month. There is a slideshow showcasing all the fabulous work between the 25thand 30th. Then, on the first of the month, a new app will be showcased.


Example 1: Superimpose X Challenge

The first two images are the challenge photos. The second two images were my photo creations.

Example 2: AddLib S Challenge

The first photo is one of the three challenge photos. The second image is my creation using AddLib S and other apps.

You are also welcome to post any of your images, as long as you post what apps you used in the creation of your image. The whole purpose of the group is to learn about apps, and when you post what you have used, people will learn about new apps out there.

So if you want to learn some new and exciting apps, as well as some oldies but goodies, check us out HERE

I hope you all have a wonderful week!