Creating Procreate Brushes

Hi Everyone!

I have been playing around with creating my own Procreate Brushes. While the actual technique itself isn’t hard, deciding what images to use can be a little tricky. You need two images for each brush, both black and white. One is the shape of the brush, and one will be used for the grain, or the texture of the brush.

The texture should be a seamless image, and your shape can be anything. I have not yet perfected my own brush making, but am enjoying the process of learning how to create these.


Procreate has a resource library of shapes that can be used for brushes, as well as a bunch of textures that you can use for the grain. Of course you can upload your own as well. Mine are a combination of both.

There are tons of videos out there on how to create Procreate brushes. Here are links to the ones that I viewed before starting out.

I am happy to share my brushes with my subscribers, so I will be emailing you all the brush files in an email later today or tomorrow.

Take Care,