Kino Glitch Free Codes

Hello Everyone!

Kino Glitch was used on this image.

I am getting ready to roll out a new class on creating with random effects on your iPad. I will be teaching a lot of new apps and techniques. More info on this to come soon. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about the Kino Glitch app.

Kino Glitch is a relatively new app that will add grid glitches to your photo, and the developer was kind enough to give me some free codes to share with you.

Here is a short video of the app and how it works. The developer is in the process of re-vamping and bringing a new version of this app to us, which I am looking forward to. I think this app has a lot of potential.

***Not 2 hours after I posted this blog post, The iPad version is now out, and it now not only functions great in the Landscape mode, but the image size is not corrected as well. I will enjoy playing with this app! ***

I have 15 free codes to give away for this app. The first 15 people who contact me HERE will receive them. After that, I will disconnect the link, so you will know if they are still available or not.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!