Free Textures For You!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to give all of you some free textures for your digital art! Just click on the photo or click HERE to download them. I created all of these with the app Stackables, which, unfortunately, is no longer being updated. No telling how long the app will work. I am sad to hear about this, as I use this app on every image I create, and I use it to create backgrounds like these. Feel free to contact the developer at

You may use these in any works of art you create, and even sell art made with these (Please do not sell them or use them in a class).

Also, many of you know that I am having back surgery this month. I will not be able to check Facebook as much as I would like for the rest of the month. I will of course be able to answer any questions you may have, there may just be a slight delay. 


I hope you enjoy these textures!