Double Exposure Experiments with New iPhone Apps

Double exposures are one of my current favorite things. I love the look images transposed on top of other images, and now there are several apps that will allow for this. One of the newer ones I just got is Cortex Cam. While double exposures is not what this app was created for, it produces somevery cool effects. 

Cortex Cam is a camera-only app that produces crisp clean photos especially in low light conditions by combining dozens of frames. If you move your camera while the app is taking pictures, you can end up with a cool double exposure. 

Another app I was playing around with is called You Gotta See This!. This app will take pictures as you move your camera and stack them up in a variety of ways. You have 7 choices of combinations, and depending on which one you choose the app will save your image as either a png or jpg file. Cortex Cam will save your images as a tiff file.

I played around with just the items on my mantle and the wall next to it, my handmade polymer clay dolls, and some framed works of mine. In the two pieces featured above I took the first two images in the gallery and edited the with a few different apps to create a finished piece.  The other two images are examples of both Cortex Cam and You Gotta See This!. 

I will be playing around with these apps for a while, I am sure. 


I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday!