App Review & Tutorial: Filters for iPhone and iPad

I am a serious app addict. I love finding new apps that I can incorporate into my work.  I thought I would share some of the apps I have discovered with all of you. I am not sponsored by any app company, just my own personal opinion. Today's app review is on the app Filters for iPhone and iPad by Tap Tap Tap LLC. It retails for $1.99. 


I bought Filters for iPhone and iPad a few months ago, and I am finding it quite useful. Filters is an app  that does exactly what it’s name implies-filters.  It has Film filters, color filters, texture layers, lighting and some adjustment tools.  The price isn’t bad either at only $1.99. In this short video I will go over how to use Filters for iPhone and iPad. 

I hope you enjoyed the video. All of the photos below photos with the exception of the flowers were edited ONLY with Filters. The flower image was edited with Snapseed, Brushstroke, and Repix before using Filters.

I hope everyone has a great week!