New Ways To Create Multiple Versions of an Image


I have been experimenting with ways to turn previously created images into something new. Most times, this results in many different versions, all of them having a similar look to them. This could be a good thing, as this is a great way to start a series.

Most often when I work, there are versions of an image that aren’t exactly what I intended, and often get removed or deleted. I have started saving these steps and keep a few of them in a folder on my iPad to play with at another time.

I started out with these two images, both of them unfinished for one reason or another.  By working in numerous apps blending and layering, these different versions emerged. The apps I used included: Leonardo, Stackables, Fused, Snapseed, Photoshop Express, LightBrush, and BlendPic. 

The blending apps were Snapseed, BlendPic, Fused, and Leonardo’s Reflection effect. All of these blend a little differently, and you can spend hours just playing around. 

Working with these multiple versions is a great way to explore new apps, and discover new ways of blending.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!

Take Care,