Nature Inspires

Lately I have been working on a series of works revolving around botanicals, particularly leaves. We have two Bradford Pear trees whose leaves have very interesting patterns. I also look for fallen leaves that have strange shapes or spots on them.  Unfortunately, one of my Bradford Pear trees has a fungus, which we are treating. But the spots on the leaves are interesting, so I photographed them.


I love taking these leaf images into the iPad and/or Photoshop to change their colors. I will use app such as Tadda (iPhone app), Filterloop, iColorama, and PhotoStudio HD (an older app that still works). In Photoshop I use a third party plugin by Topaz Labs called Restyle. With Restyle, you can create your own custom presets, which I have many. I will then use these colorful versions in my work. I encourage all of you to photograph everything! Inspiration is all around us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!