Creating a Series

Lately I have been exploring some new apps and technique, and have been working with photos of a bird statue given to me by my mother about 40 years ago. In doing so, this has evolved into a series of works for me, which I have named “Avis”.  This leads me to a question about art: Should you always work in a series?

For me, I like working with one subject at a time-for a short period of time.  I can focus and explore all the aspects of it in different works, looking at it from different angles. I also think that working in a series gives you a unified, cohesive and related body of work. But how many works are needed in a series? Just a few, or more than 20? 

While I am not bored, I constantly want to try out new things. I even work in several different mediums so as to not get into a rut.  So after a while, I may want to set aside a specific series and explore something else. If I have more than one series, I can work on a different one if I am “stuck” and need a fresh start.

So for now I am satisfied working on this new “Avis” Series. I am focusing on this one bird statue and trying out new and different apps and techniques that I do not usually use in my work. This has been a lot of fun and I am learning so much!

I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday Season!