Creating Wherever You Are

I thought I would show all of you how I play around until I get something fun. I have to have allergy shots once a week, and have to stay in the office for 30 minutes afterwards. This is a perfect time to work on the iPad or iPhone. Usually I just play around, but this time I actually came very close to finishing this piece. I will show you the steps. First, here is the finished piece.

I am using the app Superimpose for the first few steps. First I loaded a texture from a free stock site. Then I loaded a dried flower image, removed the background and flattened the image. Then another stock photo was added. I just wanted the line in the image, so I masked out the rest of the image.

Next I added a background image that I created from another art piece. I choose the Difference blending mode to get some weird results, but I knew I would change the whole color palette in another app, Stackables, using a custom preset I created a while ago.

The final app used was Procreate. Here I added some text elements in various blending modes, and my signature. I hope you found this post useful, and I encourage you to create wherever you are on your mobile device. Until next time...