Exploring the Union app

Today I decided to try out an app that I have had for a while, but haven't used much. Union is an app that allows you to blend 2 images together, and has some masking capabilities as well. It only allows you to use 2 images at a time, so you have to flatten your image before adding a new image. I used my own photos of a polymer clay doll head and a window screen, and 2 backgrounds from the content section of one of my current Photoshop classes. While I do love Photoshop and am taking classes, this image was created entirely on the iPad. Here is the final image with how it was created following.


This is the final image edited with Union and Formulas.


First two layer in Union.

Third text image layered in multiply blend mode and masked over the face.

Window screen added in difference mode along with a photo mask. 

After the window screen image was added, I then switched to the Formulas app to apply the texture. Then back to the Union app to add the eagle. I hope you have enjoyed this brief tutorial on exploring the Union app. Until next time...