Kino Glitch Pro-App Update

Hello Everyone!

 Edited with Kino Glitch Pro as well as Decim8,Formulas, Superimpose.

Edited with Kino Glitch Pro as well as Decim8,Formulas, Superimpose.

Literally 1 hour after I posted my last blog post on the Kino Glitch app, the developer posted a new iPad version, Kino Glith Pro. It incorporates many of the features that were requested. I like all of the grid features, as well as the ability to blend with another background and use overlays. I also like working in the Landscape format on my larger iPad Pro-this makes editing much easier. 

There is still one thing I wish the app would do- I wish it would maintain your original photos aspect ratio. While this new version doesn't have the weird vertical image as before, it does only save your photo in a rectangle. So if you are using a square image, It won't save as a square. Hopefully, that will change in the future. Here is a video on the newer version:

I hope you have enjoyed the video. If you want to try the app out here is the link:

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!



Kino Glitch Free Codes

Hello Everyone!

Kino Glitch was used on this image.

I am getting ready to roll out a new class on creating with random effects on your iPad. I will be teaching a lot of new apps and techniques. More info on this to come soon. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about the Kino Glitch app.

Kino Glitch is a relatively new app that will add grid glitches to your photo, and the developer was kind enough to give me some free codes to share with you.

Here is a short video of the app and how it works. The developer is in the process of re-vamping and bringing a new version of this app to us, which I am looking forward to. I think this app has a lot of potential.

***Not 2 hours after I posted this blog post, The iPad version is now out, and it now not only functions great in the Landscape mode, but the image size is not corrected as well. I will enjoy playing with this app! ***

I have 15 free codes to give away for this app. The first 15 people who contact me HERE will receive them. After that, I will disconnect the link, so you will know if they are still available or not.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



New App Tutorial

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today I got a new app called Inkwork, by the same developers as Brushstroke. This app will give you a beautiful line drawing in many different ways, and can be useful in your digital work. This photo was processed with Inkwork, as well as other apps and combined to create this piece. I will probably always use this app in conjunction with other apps. The app is $2.99.

Here is the link, however, if you are on a Mac the link will not work. According to the developer, Apple is aware of the problem and is working to fix it. You can of course access the app through your iOS device.

Inkwork Link



Here are some of the results from Inkwork. I used the first one in the completed image above.

Best Wishes for a New Year to All! I am looking forward to an art-filled year.



Creating a Series

Lately I have been exploring some new apps and technique, and have been working with photos of a bird statue given to me by my mother about 40 years ago. In doing so, this has evolved into a series of works for me, which I have named “Avis”.  This leads me to a question about art: Should you always work in a series?

For me, I like working with one subject at a time-for a short period of time.  I can focus and explore all the aspects of it in different works, looking at it from different angles. I also think that working in a series gives you a unified, cohesive and related body of work. But how many works are needed in a series? Just a few, or more than 20? 

While I am not bored, I constantly want to try out new things. I even work in several different mediums so as to not get into a rut.  So after a while, I may want to set aside a specific series and explore something else. If I have more than one series, I can work on a different one if I am “stuck” and need a fresh start.

So for now I am satisfied working on this new “Avis” Series. I am focusing on this one bird statue and trying out new and different apps and techniques that I do not usually use in my work. This has been a lot of fun and I am learning so much!

I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday Season! 



Learning New Ink and Encaustic Techniques


A couple of weeks ago I attended a fabulous class taught by Elizabeth Schowachert at the Encaustic Center in Richardson, Texas. The class was on using inks and handmade brushes on beautiful asian papers, and some encaustic techniques. I came home and played with some encaustic monotypes, then adding the ink to the papers. Here are some of the results.

I am really just a beginner when it comes to encaustic monotypes, but I had a lot of fun playing  with these new techniques. 


I am working on framing a couple of them, and will share those when they are complete. Have a great week!



Procreate 4: New Features


iOS 11 is here, and so is Procreate 4! This is a huge update for Procreate, and there are many new wonderful features. I made a short video on some of these new features. I am sure there are more wonderful things to learn, but in the last 2 days since updating, this is what’s new:


The features I love the most: 

  • The ability to download and install brushes from the cloud effortlessly without jumping through hoops to install them.

  • The new way the brushes work! They are more sensitive and mimic real paintbrushes.

  • Layer masks! probably my favorite feature. The ability to mask in a non destructive way.

You can learn more here.

If you are interested in the new P3 wide color, I found an article here.

For the students in all my online classes I will have this video for you in the resource section.

I hope you enjoyed this video on some of the new features of Procreate 4! I hope you all have a wonderful week!