I am a digital and mixed media artist and teacher. With over 20 years experience in Photoshop, I have now turned to the iPad Pro, exploring the vast possibilities of this new canvas! 

Teaching unique techniques that I have developed exploring this new method of creating art is proving to be a very rewarding experience, and a new pathway for me.

I also work with traditional mediums, creating polymer clay sculptures, encaustic wax, and other mixed media.

My inspiration comes from ancient civilizations, faces, geology, and astronomy, and through these mediums I explores my love for abstract presentation, color, texture and dimension.





Shows and Exhibits

MDAC Summit (Mobile Digital Art & Creativity),  Palo Alto-Mt. View California, August 11-13 2017. Top 100 Artists. http://www.mdacsummit.org/photoart-winners-2017.html

Art in the Atrium, Frisco, TX April 10 2017-September 8 2017.

December Small Works Exhibition: The Art of Giving, The Martin Place, McKinney, TX December 3-29, 2016.

BATCH: Art and Beer, Creating in Cahoots, McKinney TX, November 12-December 1, 2016

MDAC Summit (Mobile Digital Art & Creativity), Palo Alto Arts Center, Palo Alto California, August 12-14 2016. Third Place in Mobile Painting- Link: http://www.mdacsummit.org/painting-winners-2016.html

Annual Collin County Adult Art Show, McKinney, TX, March 16-20, 2016: Award: "Best Use of Line".

Waxy 100, The Encaustic Center, Richardson, TX, August 13-September 30 2009

Meltdown, The Art Hotel Gallery, Dallas, TX, July 11-August 8 2009



Somerset Digital Studio Magazine, Spring 2017

Art Doll Quarterly Magazine, Spring 2012

Polymer Cafe Magazine, June 2009

Legacy Magazine, April/May 2005

Somerset Studio Magazine, May/June 2004


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